The Key to Life’s Fulfillment

Ho'oponopono Clearing negativity from one's mind and thoughts
Ho’oponopono Clearing negativity from one’s mind and thoughts

The Hawaiian secret ritual has been practised for thousands of years perhaps as far back as Atlantis. The practice belongs to the ancient Hawaiian teachable called the Huna.

 Ho’oponopono works from your mind.

Wisdom is revealed by what a person does, not by what they know.

What is this ritual?

Known as Ho’oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is a ritual of forgiveness. It comes from the understanding of everything in your life are united, even though you may feel separated. Because of this unity (oneness), nothing can happen in your life without creating a resonance in yourself.

To do this Ho’oponopono relies just four magic sentences;

‘I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.’

Ho’oponopono comes alive when it is used. This is a new world of wisdom, wonder and beauty, a world you knew existed but could never grasp.

Confused, read further and let me explain in a way that will make it incredibly easy for you to understand and implement in your life immediately for incredible results.


The Hawaiians call their group of islands ‘The Land of Aloha’, The Land of Love, this forms the basis of Ho’oponopono. Aloha also means ‘I see the divine in you and I see the divine in myself.’ This means that everyone travels a common path and there is only one power in the Universe, the energy of unconditional love. You may know this power as God, Buddha, Allah, Universal Energy.  Aloh has a single command, ‘never to harm, always to help.’

The error of humankind thinking came about when we stepped away from one power and believed there are two powers; good and evil.


Ho’oponopono is a simple way of arriving at unity, inner peace and returning to harmony. Ho’o means ‘to make’ and pono means ‘right or correct’. This means to join oneself again to your Higher Self and the Source, to have balance in your life, realign your environment and reshape reality. Ponopono is an intention after veering off your path, to bring yourself onto the correct path, becoming sound in body and spirit and achieving happiness and wellbeing.

What is Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono is a spiritual method of purification, cleansing you from fears, worries, destructive relationship patterns. It cleanses blockages in your thoughts and at a cell level, as your thoughts are made manifest in your body. This is the paradigm change or shift.

This method is based on understanding that we live in a Universe of abundance, what obstructs us from experiencing real abundance, loving relationship, inner wealth, health and happiness.

We have a persistent attachment to fears, cares and judgements, doubt and trying to be perfect.


Imagine if you have a cell phone in each hand, I come along and give you some money, how are you going to take the money with both hands being full.

The key to being able to receive, is your ability to let something go, in the faith that you will not suffer any harm or loss in letting go.

The forgiveness ritual of Ho’oponopono is love in action. You forgive yourself and others for having inflicted hurt, harm or failure to help you in need.

Making things right by saying ‘I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you and Thank you’. This helps you forgive yourself unconditionally and to make things better. It’s like switching your computer off then back on again, it wipes out the unnecessary and makes the flow so much easier.

When to use Ho’oponopono

If you are feeling irritated, annoyed, not feeling yourself say the four sentences to yourself.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you and thank you

If you feel disturbed, you feel disharmony within yourself, have a problem or a conflict use the four magic sentences. It does not matter which order you say the sentences.

It is all about forgiving yourself, it ensures resolution of personal problems and challenges within yourself. It works in any area of your life; partnership, family, professional, health and finance, both physically and spiritually.

Physical illnesses are seen as inner conflict and the inner tensions are released through the Ho’oponopono ritual. When the soul is healed the body will follow.

You can say ‘I love you’ continuously to yourself throughout your day. You will start feeling and seeing great results in your life.

It is so simple, please take part and see the magic work in your life.

How does Ho’oponopono work?

These sentences when said to yourself operate through time and space transmitting directly to your Higher Self, your subconscious and your waking consciousness. After a while you achieve inner peace and move towards harmony. You move yourself from separation to union whilst saying ‘I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you and thank you.


Forgiveness releases you from the conflict, it frees the burden that you don’t want to carry or cannot carry in your life. Who wants to carry a backpack full of problems, conflicts and fears? Forgiveness heals and makes life so much easier.

Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.

Forgiveness is not a one-time thing. Forgiveness is a life-style’ Martin Luther King

How do you forgive?…………….By saying the four sentences. If it feels like it is not working, act as if it has worked. It works like an affirmation, if you say it enough times you start believing it and feeling it. Other people will start seeing it in you too, the great relief, the burden has been lifted. We experience what send out into the world with our thoughts and feelings.

The world seems to resemble a great mirror, it reflects whatever it is we feel deep in our hearts.

100% Responsibility

But not your fault!

Ho’oponopono has a two-fold. When faced with a situation look within yourself to understand what is within you that could have caused this situation that you are no way connected to. You will find plenty, not in the sense of you having caused it, but in finding how your perceptions could have been negatively responsible. Once you say your four sentences over and over, you will notice a significant reduction and accepting of the situation.

At a personal level you will experience a sense of relief in letting past negative memories go. In the book Zero Limits co-author Hew Len talks about shedding emotions of negative memories and expanding in potential to forgive yourself and be healed.


I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you and Thank you

Ho'oponopono The Key to Life's Fulfillment
Ho’oponopono The Key to Life’s Fulfillment

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