How in improve your authority status online

How to Build Your Authority Status Online

In order to know how to build your authority status online and to be an expert, you have to both look and sound like an expert. That means presenting yourself professionally. No one is going to give you authority status unless you claim it and own it. Presenting yourself professionally is accomplished in many ways.

How to Build Your Authority Status Online

Present Yourself in a Professional Way

1.) Social media. Make sure your social media posts are professional and business related. Even if you have a personal profile, you still want to maintain a professional image. It’s a small world and you can bet your business followers will find your personal page. Make sure to use professional language and don’t overshare. If you wouldn’t want a customer to know it, don’t share it.


2.) The language you use. Whether you’re responding to an email or talking on the phone, it’s important to use professional language. To be clear, that means no cursing, no slang, and taking it easy with jargon or tech speak. You want to make sure that whomever you are communicating with understands what you’re saying.


3.) Your photos and images. Any photo that you share, publish, or include in your marketing materials should portray you in the most professional light possible. You don’t necessarily have to be wearing a suit in your photos, but you should be dressed professionally.


Beyond these hopefully apparent essentials of professionalism, consider also:


  • Being friendly – Introduce yourself to people. Get to know who they are and what they’re about. Make connections.


  • Taking initiative – Put yourself in situations where you can learn, grow, and meet new people. Take advantage of opportunities to present yourself professionally, to help others, and to grow your business.


  • Be a problem solver, not a bragger – Instead of spending your time telling people what you do and what you know, learn what they know. Ask them questions and uncover their problems. Once you know what they’re dealing with, you can then take steps to help them out and to be a problem solver. It may be as simple as connecting them with the right person or offering your products or services.


Chances are you’re already doing many of these things and you’re conscientious about being professional and presenting yourself in the best light possible. However, most people can always use a little reminder because it makes you step back and consider your actions.


Look at your communications and look for ways you might present yourself a little more professionally. How can you exude authority?


Next, we’ll take a look at the concept of transparency and authenticity as it relates to you personally. We’ll talk about being humble and honest and why those are both important factors to establish authority.

How in improve your authority status online

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